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Do I try and Make any Trades before the deadline?

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Feeling good about the playoffs after a rough start, but could probably shift some depth for upgrades or maybe a TE.

Projected playoff Roster:

QB: L. Jackson

RB1: Elliot

RB2: Gordon (Coleman?)

WR1: Hill

WR2: Lockett

TE: Hock

Flex1: Chark

Flex 2: AJ Green (E. Sanders?)

Bench: M. Ryan, T. Coleman, J. White, E. Sanders, Mattison, Herndon

Normally I have a clear picture of what to expect from my team, but uncertainty around so many players has me paralyzed: Gordon (is he back with the OC change?), Green (will he be a WR1?), Sanders (is SF really going to make him a WR1/2 or is it just a fluke?), Herndon (will he be worth anything/better than Hock?)


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looking really solid - TE is the only spot that's a bit dicey, but that seems to be the norm for the entire season

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If you could package maybe Ryan and Mattison for a good TE then it may be worth it but I probably would stay put.  If O.J. Howard is available he plays the Cardinals this week...




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