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5th Yr Dynasty League Needs Replacement Owners

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We are a dynasty league heading into our 5th season.  We had 3 owners join us near the end of the 2019 season.  They were not up to the daily activity of the league and they will be replaced.  We are looking for active and interested owners.  If you are unable to check in to the league web board daily, we are not for you.  The league is for fun and bragging rights.  It is conducted on a web board and run through ESPN during the season.  It is a weekly head-to-head matchup with 6x6 categories (R,HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS/K,W,SV,HD,SV,WHIP).  We have a $240M salary cap, full minor league prospect ownership, free agency bidding, trades, the whole works!  This is like being an MLB GM!  Each of our 10 franchises originated as a draft of 3 MLB organizations each.  You control the minor league prospects for each of your 3 respective franchises, and they have evolved over time due to trades.  We bid on MLB free agents in the off-season.  Otherwise, you control a player for the length of his MLB contract.

The three teams available are: Day of Rickoning, M-M-M-Mike Soroka!, and Angels in the Troutfield.

You can check out the link below, and if you are interested, please fill out an application for us to consider at the web board.

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Actually both Day of Rickoning and Angels in the Troutfield are available.  Check them out and fill out an application on the web board if interested.

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