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Monday Night Football 🏈 What is needed or not?

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up by 30.8 vs Coleman....I'm one of those sh** 1st place teams with lowest points scored against ...lets keep it going boys 

oh, i'm way ahead on that count ... already popped a three🍸early "lunch", and wrapping my last client stop at 3 - i should be fully in the bag by 4 - i won't know the outcome 'til the wee hours of Tue

Godspeed on all fronts.

My "good" team needs Carson to fumble seven times to avoid dropping from 7-1 to 7-3.

My "bad" team is up by 38.8pts with my Emmanuel Sanders against his Tevin Coleman.

The bad team is about to win four in a row from 3-3, leaving both teams at 7-3, which seemed completely impossible for most of the season.

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Starting Russell in 4 out of 5 leagues, so quite a few scenario.

League 1 - need Russell and Lockett to combine for 1 whole fantasy point. Somehow I feel pretty comfortable about this one.

League 2 - need Russell and Deebo Samuel to combine for 15.4 fantasy points. I started DJ and Drake in this league thinking I was some fantasy genius savant (I guess I’m not...) so the fact that I’m even projected to win is a small miracle (thank you Baltimore defense)

League 3 - need Russell, Josh Gordon, Rashaad Penny & Jacob Hollister to come together for 65.1 fantasy points (standard scoring), also started DJ in this league, but don’t think I’m surviving this one...

League 4 - down by 35.45, I have Russell/Carson/49ers D/ST going up against Tyler Lockett. Definitely my most intriguing matchup of the night.

Hope everyone fared alright during the worst bye week of the season!

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Up by 54.1 points in full PPR. I'm done.

Opponent has Wilson, Coleman, Lockett, and 49ers D/ST. So naturally she's projected 2 points over me. 

I really need this win. She's tied for first at 6-3 and I'm one game back at 5-4, and the other one tied for first lost this week. A win puts me in a tie for first that I have most points scored, thus the tiebreaker. Losing would put me in a potentially 4-way tie for 3rd place at 5-5. 

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I’m up by 53.5 points in 0.5 PPR. He has Wilson and Coleman playing tonight and all my guys are done. I should be able to hold on for the W but stranger things have happened. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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