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Trying to decide who to drop.
14 team 0.5 ppr. I'm currently 7-3 but in first place based on tiebreakers, so probably will make the playoffs. The second best team owns Ezekiel Elliott.

On my roster I have James Conner on my IR and need to reactivate him for Thursdays game, and thus need to drop a player. My other main RB's are Mark Ingram, Chris Carson. The other RB's on my roster that I'm considering dropping are:

Jaylen Samuels, Derrius Guice, Tony Pollard, Alexander Mattison, Miles Sanders.

Please rank them!

Assuming we can't predict who will ever get injured, I'm leaning towards dropping Pollard, but part of me wants to keep him to prevent the second best team in the league from getting him as a handcuff. I don't want to drop Mattison for similar reasons. Miles Sanders and Jaylen Samuels seem to be similar players, but I feel that Miles Sanders upside is quite high, and Jaylen is a flex/handcuff to James Conner. 



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I'd drop Guice, I feel he has the least upside of the bunch, and won't help any competing owners if their studs get hurt.  Wash is a mess and even with Guice back he's still gotta compete with AP (who's looked good) and Thompson, and he's still an unknown as to how good he actually is, if at all.  Pollard and Mattison are prob more valuable in the event that Zeke/Cook get hurt.


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Thanks all. I think I have take lock with guice because I had him stashed on IR for awhile. 

I was actually debating between him or Samuels. I think Samuels has more value with Conner NOT injured, and isn't a good handcuff. He hasn't really shown he can handle a full workload consistently. But if conner is healthy, he is decent ppr value as a flex play, I'm never gonna play him over other options , and thus he's taking up space in my roster... 

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