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What to do with Mack & DJ (Re-Draft League)

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Hey guys,
I'm one of the owner who's having Mack & DJ on the roster and now a little problem moving forward.

My other RBs are Carson, Singletary, Miles Sanders and Jaylen Samuels.
We past the trade deadline before Mack & DJ were injured... However...

We're a 10 Team 0.5. PPR League (Re-Draft) and I'm not sure what I should do with the mentioned guys.

The waiver wire is quiet empty; Some Names I can highlight are:
RB: McCoy, R. Freeman, Breida, Cohen, Darrel Williams, and some Handcuffs like Pollard, Mattison, Gallman, Edwards, Penny 

WR: Beasley, Slayton, Conley, Gabriel, Westbrook, Shepard

To be honest: There is not really something I would be excited about... maybe only the possibility to take a shot on the "high value" promised Handcuffs?!  

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Personally I'd Move On From DJ, I Think Mack Is Scheduled To Return In A Few Weeks, DJ Would Be In A Shared Backfield, I'd Look At Either McCoy Or Even Laird As A Potential Replacement

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I’d hang onto both until we see what DJ does after their bye - there’s a chance they’ve just been resting him until he’s completely healthy (or at least that’s what I’m praying for). I don’t think you’re starting any of those FAs over Singletary so there’s no sense in panicking just yet. 

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