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Free Yahoo H2H Dynasty Chosen Team League

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TEAMS must MAINTAIN at least 8 ACTIVE PLAYERS from your CHOSEN team
For example, if you are Montreal, you must roster a minimum of 8 actual Canadiens out of your 23 players
IR players count toward the minimum
NA players DO NOT COUNT, they are non-value added, minor leaguers and not part of your active roster

4 Center slots
4 Left Wing slots
4 Right Wing slots
6 Defence slots
1 Goalie slot
4 Bench slots
No forsaking a D SLOT for an EXTRA FORWARD
TO PREVENT GOALIE HOARDING, MAX. 3 ACTIVE GOALIE rule (2 must be from the same NHL team)
5 IR
5 IR+ (for "day-to-day" injuries)
5 NA (not active) for any players in the minors

Teams can keep/protect up to 23 players from the previous season
Keepers will be slotted in the later rounds
For example, if you want to keep 13 of your 23 players, those 13 take up the 13 later rounds in the draft leaving you to draft prospects or free agents in the first 10 rounds

To create parity a free agent rule will come into effect so when an actual NHL player's contract ends with his team, that player will go back into the waiver pool available to be drafted the next season. If the player RE-SIGNS with his NHL team, the fantasy team that owned him retain him.

If Seth Jones of fantasy Tampa Bay becomes FA but re-signs in NHL Columbus, fantasy Tampa Bay keep him.
If Steven Stamkos of fantasy Tampa Bay becomes FA and re-signs in NHL Tampa Bay, fantasy Tampa Bay keep him.
If they (Jones or Stamkos) sign elsewhere in the NHL, they go into the off-season pool to be drafted.
Fantasy Tampa Bay can re-draft them if they have a high enough pick.

The draft therefore becomes an opportunity to not only add recently drafted NHL prospects but also a free agent signing (essentially our July 1st).

It's about expiring contracts and the opportunity for other teams to have a crack at any players that otherwise would be hoarded forever.

As for any holdout scenarios
Any fantasy team drafting the player would get him when he finally signs somewhere in the NHL unless he re-signs with his previous team (same as explained above).
Think of it as acquiring the negotiating rights of a pending UFA the week before July 1.

Let’s say next summer Max Domi of NHL Montreal and fantasy Montreal is RFA and holds out as the season begins.
Fantasy Montreal wouldn’t have to select him as a keeper and another fantasy team could draft him and stash him in an NA slot until Domi signs.
If Domi signs anywhere else but NHL Montreal that fantasy team would get him, if Domi re-signs in Montreal, that fantasy team would lose him back to fantasy Montreal immediately, having gambled a draft pick on him


email me for details

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