New startup Fantrax Dynasty H2H league

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Hello everyone- I am starting a new Dynasty league on Fantrax and here are the details:

+ 12 teams/3 Divisions

+ 66 dollar pay in (60 toward payouts and 6 dollars + toward Fantrax fee)

+ H2H weekly matchups with two opponents

+ 25 man prospect system drafted in the initial draft (Can own as many as 40)

+ 10 x 10 category scoring- HR, RBI, AVG, SB, R, OBP, OPS, K, H, TB....W, ERA, SV, HLD, K, WHIP, BAA, K/BB, QS, TB

+ 35 man roster, 24 daily starters- C,1B,2B,SS,3B, (5) OF, (3) UT and (11) P undesignated

+ 11 Bench spots, 12 IL spots

+ 6 Playoff teams

+ Fantrax Treasury will be the pay instrument. 1/2 of the payouts will go to regular season finishes, with 1/2 designated for Playoff finishes

+ There will be one 60-round slow draft, using for the random draft order

+ The first 7 rounds will be held on Fantrax in mid-December and ill be strictly for prospects. Round 8, along with the balance of the draft, will be held after the New Year

+ The League will hold an annual off-season 4-round draft for First Year Players and International signees


Please leave an email here and I will contact you should anyone have sincere interest in joining the league....Thanks for reading this

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