30 Team Dynasty League need a few replacement owners

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30 Team Dynasty league on Fantrax with an excellent and active core of owners.
Looking for a few owners to adopt teams that have been abandoned.

Team 1: GLADIATORI ROMA;teamId=vylnakcvjz5u56e6

Team 2: GOLDEN ELITE STARS;teamId=p753ji42jz4llh9k

Team 3: MILWAUKEE;teamId=m2ts3nnwjz4up6z2

Team 4: VANCOUVER ROCKIES;teamId=any6md6ujz3g03yw

and if someone is looking for a HUGE challenge... we had a "draft only owner" who ****** around and picked all rookies and kind of wrecked a roster...
our league is going to have a draft lottery so that we dont promote tanking, but if someone adopts theis team I will guarantee the first pick.

Team 5: LINSANITY;teamId=jwkdy7nujz3cjx54

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Is there a littlre cash aspect to this thing? I will gladly take a look at the available teams and may even find you another owner. I prefer cash leagues even if it is cheap only because it motivates owners more. If the league is competitive and active wo any prize, that is great. I just rarely find that to be the case.

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it is a free to play league, but fortunately we got an excellent core of owners who have been very active! something like 40-50 trades have been made so far.

But as with all free leagues, there were some owners who just drafted or dipped out early in the season. 

With these final 4 owners being replaced (teams currently listed above), we will be at 30/30 teams being relatively active and 20+ being VERY active!

I agree with you that paid league are ideal, but I think this league is worth taking a shot on.

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