Free 2-tiered league: Available 2nd Tier team that is playoff capable

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Our league has two-tiers: an NBA themed tier and a G-League themed tier (using NBA players). At the end of the season the G-League regular seasons champs and the playoff finalist are promoted to the NBA league (and visa versa).

If you are looking for something different than what type typical leagues provide, the earn-a-promotion concept should interest you.

The G-League is a 16-team league on the ESPN platform that is in its 9th season and uses 10-categories (usual 9 plus double doubles) all-cat scoring. 6 teams make the playoffs. The NBA league is a 3-keeper league in its 12th season. There is no cost or prizes for either league.

The available team is the South Bay Lakers. The Lakers are in 10th place and is lead by Siakam, Simmons, Gallinari, House and Harrell. LM is keeping the team active until new owner is found.

League Link: 

Team Link: South Bay Lakers


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These are solid leagues with consistently competitive and active owners because of successful implementation and administration of the 2-tiers.

If you are a gin-rummy style player (i.e., drop your weakest card on every turn) that plays multiple teams but puts all of your efforts only in teams that gets off to a good start, this league will not work for you.

Otherwise, if you have had too many redraft leagues where most of the teams go soft mid-season or keeper leagues where teams go soft waiting for next year's draft, then this is the league you are looking for. I doubt that there are many opportunities to join a league that stays this active from top-to-bottom.

All new owners start in the G-League. We promote from within.

Get in there and earn your promotion!

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