Pick 2 WR's....WHIR 100%

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1/2 point ppr  league with 10 teams

Which 2 would you play?


DJ Moore vs Washington

Adam Thielen @ Seattle

Odell Beckham Jr. @ Pittsburgh

Courtland Sutton vs LA Chargers 


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Moore is a must play these days.

After that it’s really tough. Sutton is probably the safest target share but can you trust that offense? Odell is the best player but we’ve seen the deal with him this year and the Steelers will be out for blood. Thielen is a good mix of talent and target share but hard to trust a player coming off of a multi week injury.

I’d probably play Thielen (track record, matchup), but I think the paper play is Sutton (target share and talent). 

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It's DJ Moore and OBJ. Moore has looked great and finally scored a TD. You can't bench him. OBJ has also had a pretty solid 5 for 50 or better type of floor. We all know what his ceiling could be. There are too many question marks around Sutton with Lock and with Thielen and the injury. Don't bench OBJ at this point in the season even if he has diappointed. He can break any one play for a long one. 

Help in return! 


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