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Which 3 would you keep? WHIR

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Team is in 1st place, made some trades to go for it this year. Want to know which 3 I should look at keeping for next year.

12 team PPR, you keep them as your top 3 picks and then draft from there.

Lamar Jackson QB - BAL
Ezekiel Elliott RB - DAL
Josh Jacobs RB - OAK 
Chris Godwin WR - TB       
Calvin Ridley WR - ATL      
Travis Kelce TE - KC
Nick Chubb RB - CLE
Derrius Guice RB - WAS
James White RB - NE
Odell Beckham WR - CLE
Will Fuller WR - HOU
A.J. Green WR - CIN

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Name recognition (and possibly higher trade value): Lamar, Zeke, Kelce

Who I think will actually be the best three next year: Godwin, Zeke, Chubb


I think Jackson is likely to regress a little bit, as Mahomes has done this year, but can't blame you for keeping him. 

Zeke entered this year not having really played any football for several months. That won't be the case next year. He'll be locked and loaded. Chubb is just a monster who can pull off chunk plays without much blocking. Then you have a tossup between Jacobs, Godwin and Kelce... I like Godwin's ceiling but Kelce is the most reliable of the three and fills the hardest position to fill in fantasy football.


Good luck

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Zeke. Kelce. Jackson. 

Zeke is a one of a kind bell cow. Kelce offers more consistency than any other TE except maybe Kittle, but I prefer Mahomes. Jackson is the rare QB worth splurging on early because he will outproduce even good QBs by quite a bit weekly.  I don't trust Tampa, and Godwin has had some pretty mediocre weeks this year. And Chubb is still a Brown and doesn't always produce something worthy of a top 3 rounds pick. 



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Things can change a lot between now and the draft but if you have to look in your keepers for some reason now, I would go Zeke, Jackson and Kelce. This would be different if is was non ppr or even half point ppr of course. I actually don’t think Lamar will have as much regression unless teams start completely selling out to stop his running and Baltimore doesn’t improve his pass catching options. Neither seems realistic to me.


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