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24 Team FANTRAX - Auction, Ottoneu Scoring, Dynasty Off-season Mimics real MLB

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Hey folks,

I have five available spots in a 24-team league on fantrax.  Some of the highlights coming up as soon as we fill (we'll either fill one spot and contract to 20, or fill all 5, depending on the response):

1.  AUCTION for MLB players each February.
2.  Minor league draft each January (from previous year's worth of new minor leaguers)
3.  Competitive Balance draft each December (protect 32 players and draft from the better teams leftovers)
4.  Contract years:  Extend anybody for one season.  Extend a few for multiple seasons.  Salary increases determined by current year FP.
5.  Scoring:  Ottoneu style - based much more on the player's performance and less on team luck
6.  Large rosters:  30 MLB and 20 minors
7.  Flexible positions:  only 5 games in-season for a player to qualify at a position
8.  Fair in-season pickups:  we use daily waivers

I'd post the bylaws but the file is a bit too large for the allowed attachment size.  If you want them, shoot me an email to and I'll send them.  Payment is $100 for 2020 and a $50 advance payment on 2021 (we set it up in Fantrax Treasure, with the advance payment intended to try to ensure we have committed managers).  All money is paid out as prizes except for the $80 fantrax fee and $5 couchmanagers fee.

If you are interested in this league, send me an email to and we'll go from there.  Our managers are chomping at the bit and we hope to start our offseason activities very soon!


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Comp balance is that you get to draft up to 3 players from other teams.  This way, if teams accumulate great rosters they can be picked from a bit.

Couchmanagers is the online website where we pay a small fee to do the auction.  The auction is a dutch auction with hidden bids.  It ensures that players can't really be "stolen", while also allowing that you don't necessarily have to dramatically overpay on a player if you don't have competition.

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Looking for ONE team to jump in, will have your choice of five rosters (at least one of which was in the playoffs in 2019).  Send me an email if you are interested and we'll go from there.

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