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Jimmy butler trade options

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I’ve been offered different trades ideas for jimmy butler trying to see what I get the most value out of to better my team. 

Jimmy butler for Demar Derozan and Aaron Gordon/ Kris Middleton or should I ask about Sabonis and add something to my side. Trying to get more depth and a quality return. 

My team

PG Paul

SG VanVleet
G Butler 
SF Kuzma
PF Siakam
C Towns 
UTIL B Lopez 
UTIL J Winslow 
UTIL M Wagner 
Bench K Dunn
Bench K Olynyk
Bench C Boucher
Bench Bazemore
Bench A Simmons
Bench D Augustin
IL Otto Porter Jr
IL V Oladipo
IL K Huerter

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I understand your need for depth...  After your top half of the roster, there is a steep drop-off, but your league does roster more players than most with 15.  How many teams in your league?  Even taking those things into account, those trades you are batting around are not enough for Butler IMO, like you shouldn’t even be messing with a dude like Gordon- that’s not a quality return.  If you need to trade Butler, I’d go back to the drawing board and aim higher- i.e. try getting a couple of 2nd-3rd round value guys.  Best wishes.

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