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Playoffs! QB - Russ or Cousins? 6 pt/passing TD....WHIR (leave link)

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Both of these QBS are top 12 plays....this is a 6pt per passing TD league.

1 pt for 10 yds rushing (typical)


Russ Wilson @ LAR.......looking at last 3 games he played vs. LAR.....25.9 pts, 34.2 points, 37.9 points (this year)



Kirk COusins vs. Det.....last 3 games vs. det ....10.8 pts,  28.2 pts,,,than 37.5 pts (this year)


Both histories indicate to me that both may be successful.

Other factors to consider....Ramsey now with LAR....i think Russ has enough weapons to overcome.

Russ does significantly better against competitive teams...otherwise, Sea runs the ball to the ground....but I guess same can be said about Cousins and Minny


Who would you start this week?

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I lean Russ. Been a stud all year, even though I am concerned that SEA runs even more with the 2 headed monster of Carson/Penny.

If Thielen returns, I wouldnt blame you for considering Cousins. With Cook banged up, yes they have Mattison, but just a gut feel on MIN throwing more.

If you go with Russ, can you ask him to connect with Lockett a lot more the next 3 games?? 😂 GL!


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