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Simmons trade and team help?

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I offer Turner and Gallinari for Simmons and Parker.  Is this a good trade for me?  I can also offer gallinari for Jamal Murray straight up. Or even Lavine for Simmon.  I want to keep Kemba and Tatum I think.  I need to clean up the end of my bench too.  Donte, White and Nance are all pretty bad for a 10 team.  There isn't anyone I wouldn't trade on my team even Embiid.  I think Kemba, Tatum and him are the core of my team though.  Sabonis has been good.  The rest of my team outside of Lavine and a few other guys needs work.  I have Lavert coming back and could offer him up too I guess.  Turner is a pretty good buy low so not sure if I want to trade him or not.  Depending on trades as the season goes too.  My team may end up better.











Util-Aaron Gordon

B-Brandon Clarke

B-Coby White

B-Donte Divenzo



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1. Gallinari for Murray

2. Lavine for Simmons


Just do both of them and you're set on PG.



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