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If you're willing to play for $1000 then you've most likely been playing fantasy baseball for years. And if that's the case and you're looking for a new league to join, I have to assume the league or leagues you used to be in either fell apart or you finally had enough of the same old non sense of not getting paid or seeing stupid trades take place or the league is run by a terrible commissioner. 


If you're looking for a league where you'd be confident you'd get paid immediately after the season is over, no b.s. trades and a commissioner who runs the league to your liking, then come join my league and enjoy yourself. A well run league with good guys is a real treat for any fantasy baseball GM. 


I am looking for mature fantasy baseball GM's who are willing to play for $1000 per team in an 18 team league.


I have 2 leagues, same rules, league fee, prize money, rules. One has a live auction in NYC and the other has an online auction.


So if you can attend a live auction in NYC, the Riverdale section of the Bronx to be exact (nice area), you should do so. We rent out a private party room in a restaurant, free wifi, plenty of space, bring a partner, typical bar food, waitress service and we hire an auctioneer to help us run the auction smoothly


The league is filled with your typical middle aged family men 35-65+, no young trouble makers. LOL


Standard 5X5 auction redraft league. (that means no keepers)


Roto, we use CBS, 13 hitters (C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI, CO, 4 OF's, 2 Utilities, 9 pitchers, 5 reserves. 


1,150 Minimum innings pitched requirement.


$260 budget at the auction. 


We have some built in protection from horrendous trades. 


If you're not able to attend a live auction in NYC then you're more than welcome to inquire about my Online fantasy baseball auction


For more info, feel free to call/text me at 718 687 3251 or send me an email at edbuzz261@gmail.com


Good luck in 2020.





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Less than 8 weeks before Pitchers and Catchers. 


I'm not enjoying the cold weather and shortened day light

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