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Pats or Baltimore DST?

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Last week Baltimore seemed like the better play now that Dalton was back... totally whiffed on that one. This week they seem like even more obvious favorites vs CLE... but then again NE scored BIG vs Buffalo last time. Who do I start??

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It comes down to either go with the safe choice or the higher ceiling. I think Baltimore has the higher ceiling given that they're playing for the #1 seed, will run the score up on Cleveland, and are facing a cocky QB with an inferiority complex .vs. Lamar. 


With Brady and NE DEF though you have a nice little combo. If the D gets a turnover then you're likely to get paid off with Brady points too...and were talking about one of the best D's in recent years. Plus Singletary has been dropping those fumbles...


Its a really hard one...I'd say go safe so long as you can afford it. If you're facing a tough matchup in the finals and need the higher upside then go Baltimore. 


Please help. 


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