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Keeper League help

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Keep up to 3 players, you lose the round that player was drafted in. Players picked up from Waivers you lose very late round pick. 

Here are all my players that I'm thinking about keeping:

Kamara (1st)

Calvin Ridley (5th)

Marlon Mack (8th) 

Derrius Guice (7th)

N'Keal Harry (Undrafted)

Preston Williams (Undrafted)

Lamar Miller (8th)

Jerrick McKinnon (Undrafted)


Obviously I'm keeping Kamara in the first. I feel like Ridley in the 5th is solid value for him as he's gonna finish top 25 WR this year. Mack is really good value in the 8th imo as well. Guice without AP next year could he pretty darn good if he can stay healthy. Preston Williams was very solid until injury and if Fitzpatrick keeps the job then he can support Williams I think. Plus I only have to give up my last pick for him. 

Who would you keep? 

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If this was me think id keep Kamara, Mack and Guice, I think you can use a RB if needed for trade bait later if you dont get a WR you want but for the value id give up a 1st,7th, and 8th rounder for those 3 players.

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Kamara, Ridley and Mack. Kamara and Mack are no brained. Guice is too Risky for me. Ridley has proven in back to back seasons he can produce 

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