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Future Mike Boone

None.    I didn’t win chitttttttttt. 

I am in the ‘My Opponent started Mike Boone Club’

H-Town Ballers 112.70 (so far) - 81.96 (half PPR). Most wins in the league. Most points scored this season. Second most points scored against. Dominant performance virtually all year. Thanks Tanny and CMC! 

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4 hours ago, bangarrang said:

In my 12 man family league, Lamar, Sanders, and Mandrews carried me.

I’ve never heard this nickname for Mark Andrews but I’m stealing it and you’re my MVP!

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12 hours ago, PizzaBeerFF said:

I’ve always wondered what would happen if we made a league out of big dogs on this site. I’m game for a league next year. I’d like grid iron assassin in it, and cleats. Those two are great. 

Spoiler alert: I would win it.

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Drake & Thomas - all time boss playoff combo this year.  Led me to my 5th championship this decade in that league.  Been a good run.  Due for some regression but will happily enjoy the spoils this year.

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