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Trade for Ayton? Risky? WHIR!

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12T 9Cat Yahoo
Punt FG/TO

1st place with a 7pt margin. 


Ayton for my Shai+Lauri

Ayton, Booker, Adams for my Shai+Lauri+Kp


Guards: Harden,Butler,Hield,Rubio,Shai, Hield, THJ

SF: Og anunoby, Miles Bridges

Bigs: Myles Turner, Brolo, Porzingis, Love, Lauri M., Boucher


Suns PO schedule is pretty good. I’m hesitant on Ayton’s health.


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Idk I'd pass on that one pretty quick but that's just me unless there's some nice waiver pick ups to replace Shai. The 3 for 3 is a definite pass (feel like that one is just a name sake trade on Booker). 

Lauri is the question mark here but I think he'll turn it around sooner than later.


I'd appreciate any feedback you have for my trade.


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Not a fan of Lauri here so I'd definitely try to move him. But plus Shai is too much. Try to gamble on Ayton with less.

Love + Lauri for Ayton + Adams? 

You are pretty strong on 3s. 

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