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Im looking for 1 more excellent manager. You should be highly active, fairly social in the league chat, have knowledge of college players before the NFL draft and know the difference between managing a dynasty vs redraft team. You also need to know when to rebuild, buy or stand pat, as well as understand the risks of acquiring old players etc. etc. Real GM stuff. I only want the best managers. This league is highly active, competitive and filled with the best managers i could find over 8 years. Managers that dont meet these standards are eventually replaced.

If youre interested in a league that comes as close to simulating a real life GM's job as possible, you will likely love this league. All the settings are geared towards this. Its a difficult league, but many of the managers have said its their favorite. As I mentioned, its 16 teams. Deep benches (12) to simulate a farm system. This also creates a thin waiver wire situation. There are a handful of nice adds each year, but you will not be able to fix your problems through free agent adds, just like in real life. You need to value your bench, picks and truly understand the asset management aspect of managing a team in order to compete consistently. There are reserve spots for any player thats on a real life reserve list (NFI, suspension, PUP, IR etc). We have expanded rosters during the spring/summer for prospecting purposes. There is a 3 round rookie draft each spring.

Scoring is fairly basic, but it makes more sense than the default settings imo.  A field goal from anywhere on the field in the NFL is worth 3 points. Same in this league. When a QB throws a TD in the NFL its worth 6 points. Same in this league. This setting also gives the QB value a slight boost, which I believe is appropriate. Defensive scoring is also higher in this league to reflect the real life impact a NFL defense has to a teams success, so having knowledge of defensive units is helpful. Team defenses score about an average of 15 - 20 points per week. Theres more to it, but everything is setup with creating a realistic experience/challenge in mind.

This is a leaguesafe league. $100. $800 for the winner of the main pot. Two side pots of $160. Last man standing (lowest scoring team each week is eliminated) & most improved manager (by points not wins). $5 goes into the Dynasty Pot which usually carries over year to year. This pot can be won by winning all 3 annual pots already mentioned, back to back championships or a perfect season (15-0). We have a prize of pick 2.17 for the winner of the consolation bracket, so theres plenty of things to win aside from the championship. We have also  just added two new side pots. One is a 5 year pot that works on a points system to reward the most consistent teams over a 5 year period. Most points at the end of the 5 year term, wins ($800). The other pot is a little complex to explain here, but essentially, you have $15 that can be used to challenge managers each week ($5 increments with no maximum). The league is played on Yahoo and we have a very detailed Google Sheets page for the off season which includes all rosters, future picks, trades, dues, draft order, performance history, career winnings and more.

The team available will need to retool for a year, but it has enough assets to make for a turnaround in the near future if the right manager inherits it.

If youre interested or have any questions, feel free to ask. I will ask you a few questions to anyone interested and choose the best fit in the near future. Please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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