Advanced $$ League Start-Up for 2020 FANTRAX

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Fantrax ~ 16 Teams ~ $75 ~ Roto+ Regular Season ~ H2H Playoffs ~ 7x7 Cats ~ Keeper ~ Auction Draft ~ $$ League


This is a new Roto+ league.  We will use an All-Play format for the regular season and H2H for the playoffs.


This league uses advanced settings everywhere possible.  You can set your rosters as far out into the future as you would like.  Multi-team trades are allowed.  You can trade just about anything.  We play with in-season fees.  These fees encourage owners to stay active and also provide some extra roster options.  Trades cost money here and so does using the minors.  These fees will add at least $500 to our prize pool.  They are also really easy to avoid.  You just need to stay on top of things.. You can't leave a healthy player in the IR slot, you can't have too many players rostered... The little things that advanced players rarely have to worry about.  If you are active the fees shouldn't be a problem.  The biggest spenders will drop around $100 on their team, while the thrifty owners will stay under $25.  It really is up to you.  You have a ton of control in this league and the options are endless.  This league was created for the advanced player.  Bad drafts can be corrected inside a single season by a savvy owner through trades and free agency..  And the big spenders will be stoked to know they can abuse the minors for a fee, or mortgage the future to win now (trading prospects).  These fees can open up a lot of options for the advanced player.  Have you been playing fantasy for a long while?  Do you find dominating your cbs or yahoo league is just too easy??  Are you looking for a bigger fantasy challenge???  This might be the league for you..  


In an effort to address the big keeper league issue of our time... the endless carousel of bottom teams coming in and out.  We are using a different approach to scheduling in this league.  The goal is to keep everyone involved year-to-year.  Roto is great, but you usually have the bottom half of the league quitting around the All-Star break.  This new scheduling will keep everyone engaged because there will be multiple paths to the playoffs.  We have modeled our schedule after Champions League Soccer with our winning teams making up one division and the bottom half the other.  The first year will have 2 randomly chosen divisions squaring off, sending 4 teams each to the playoffs.  Year 2 will be the start of our Champions League schedule.  The playoff teams will form the Senior Circuit and the rest will be grouped together in the Junior Circuit.  The Senior Circuit will have tougher competition, but will send 5 out of 8 teams to the playoffs.  Each year the 3 teams that don't make the playoffs will be sent down to the Junior Circuit for the next season.  The Junior Circuit will only send 3 teams to the playoffs because of the weaker competition, with the 3 teams moving up to the Senior Circuit for the next season.  So we have a path to the playoffs for both the strongest teams and the marginal ones.  This will hopefully keep every team engaged regardless of how well their draft went.. Intra-division games make it so you only face your peers, making each 8 team division a season long battle.  It should also make for some really competitive play each week.


We have a 10-Year Overall prize.  Playoff finishes will be weighted by a points system (think Nascar).  6 points for 1st place, scaled down to 1 point for 6th-8th place.  The team with the most points after season 10 will win $1,000!  We will be paying out the top 3 finishers.  This is our second big change to keep owners around for the long haul.  Each year $200 will go into this prize pool.  So each year, each team will be investing $12.50 into this pool.  The hope is that the money and extra prize pool will be too enticing to bail on the league after a bad season.  


There is also a Legacy prize.  If a team wins the championship in consecutive years, they will be awarded the Legacy prize ($200).  


Division winners win up to $100 for best record in the regular season.  Paid out from our in-season fees.  The first $200 of fees will go into this prize pool.  The remaining money will go into our playoff prize pool.


Keepers.  This is another unique aspect of this league.  We play with contracts in this league and keepers get raises.  You can keep a player for up to 4 years.  Contracts are fully guaranteed here.  The only way to get a contract off your books is to trade them or play it out.  There is full breakdown of keepers and contracts in our constitution


The final effort to keep this league together....  The first 2 season's entry fees are required to join ($150).  Season 2 is non-refundable.  Teams who quit on us will need to find their own replacement if they would like to recoup their entry fee.  *2021 will be prepaid for everyone who plays in 2020.


We use Fantrax Treasurer for all things money.  Fantrax is great about providing information.  Our finances are completely transparent on this platform.  A complete rundown of the league's finances can be found under the TEAM header, scroll down to Team Finances $.  Every fee is listed and every team's status is shown in this section.


We have a league GroupMe page started for chit talking a trade negotiating

We have a account for easy access to our league's documents.  Keeper Spreadsheet, Overall Leaderboard, Constitution


If you are interested in joining us for 2020 please check out these links below.  Also, please give the constitution a good read through.  There is a lot to unpack here, feel free to reach out to me with any questions at 


Rule's Summary Link:


Quick Join Link:


Thanks for looking!  

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