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looking for new startup Dynasty on Fantrax

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Good afternoon to everyone. I am looking for a new startup Dynasty league on Fantrax. Two dynasty leagues that I have been in for longer than 3 years have shut down during the past couple months and I am looking at add one more startup league. I have perused this site pretty regularly and haven't found quite what I want which is:


+ New startup Fantrax-only league

+ No more than 20 teams, preferably 12-16

+ H2H weekly category matchups with daily lineup setting (no roto or points)

+ Prospect roster of at least 15 prospects, preferably in the 25 -40 area

+ Pay league but not more than 100 dollars (might do a free league but only after exhausting pay options)


I know this is rather specific but I am just trying to save time for everyone and this will cut through the initial conversations and help define more acutely possible new leagues and myself as a member. If you have such a league please contact me at: .....I am in 6 current leagues, all daily lineup leagues and am a very active owner, league manager in two of those leagues. However, I am looking for a league where I can just be a member only. Thanks for your time and have a good one....Thom

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I think my league's startup dynasty checks all of your boxes, will paste info below. Our plan is to use Fantrax as long as the free version does everything we want it to do, but if it doesn't we'll use Yahoo. Feel free to email me with questions or interest at


Basic info: 16 teams (5 spots left) Buy in will be $20-25 Head to Head scoring, 10 categories (R, TB, RBI, SB, OBP, QS, ERA, WHIP, SV+HLD, K) 21 (or so) player major league roster 21 player minor league roster, using fantrax and Google Docs/Sheets as needed. Planning to use Discord to build community and instant notifications pertaining to our league (if you have never used discord, it's free and easy to use, would like everyone to have this on their phone, but can be installed on PC/Mac as well). Amateur/Minor League draft every year and a Rule 5 draft each year to help a little with competitive balance.

If you are interested or have questions, take a look at our rule book and message me. Some things are more set in stone than others, but simply looking to create a fun and competitive league with managers that want to stay in it for the long haul.

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I'd be interested in similar. Am commish of one league and a member of another dynasty but looking to add a third. 

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