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MLBDA - 24 Team H2H Points league- need replacements for year two

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Hey everyone, the MLBDA is a dynasty league that is set up to give a realistic MLB GM experience Here are some of the basics:

Entry Fee - $30-$45 - variable salary cap options

Scoring - Head to Head - Points - Link here -

Matchups - Monday - Thursday and  Friday - Sunday

24 teams -realistic rosters, salaries, contracts follow MLB format, June amateur draft, rule 5 draft, arbitration, free agent auction

League site -


We have a good group of returning owners and are looking for active committed  owners to join us. This league is really deep and realistic so you will have to be able to commit the time to it. Looking for owners that plan on not only playing this year but for the foreseeable future. It is a dynasty league so please commit to the league through the winning and rebuilding seasons.  This league also takes a lot of in season management as well as offseason management so please be able to be active throughout the whole year. 

We also use groupme for group chat and league notices. Please be willing to join the group.


- We have a variable salary cap so if you can't contend this year you can play at the lower cap and or if you can contend play under the higher cap

- We use realistic salaries so there are a lot of good free agents already in year 2 

- There is a lot of flexibility to build rosters through draft, trades, non tendering team control players, free agent auctions. 

- We have a good group of owners that talk baseball throughout the year. 

- An extremely realistic GM experience managing a team


There are a lot of opportunities to make you team your own.  

1. expand rosters

2. Post salary cap

3. Collect League Fees

4. First Year Player Draft

5. Minor League Cuts and Promotion

6. Rule 5 Draft

7. Non Tenured players cuts

8. Arbitration

9. Free Agent Auction

10. Re-set roster limits

11. Final Roster Cuts


Available Teams:

Here are the open teams and like to their rosters:

Chattanooga -;pageNumber=1;period=1;scoringPeriod=1;seasonOrProjection=SEASON_133_YEAR_TO_DATE;timeframeTypeCode=YEAR_TO_DATE;scoringCategoryType=6;statsType=1;view=STATS;teamId=4qkr5v25k2rw6xem;adminMode=false;startDate=2020-03-26;endDate=2020-09-27;lineupChangeSystem=EASY_CLICK;daily=false;origDaily=false?txs=false

Chicago Cornbelters -;pageNumber=1;period=1;scoringPeriod=1;seasonOrProjection=SEASON_133_YEAR_TO_DATE;timeframeTypeCode=YEAR_TO_DATE;scoringCategoryType=6;statsType=1;view=STATS;teamId=ti378ge4k2rw6xf2;adminMode=false;startDate=2020-03-26;endDate=2020-09-27;lineupChangeSystem=EASY_CLICK;daily=false;origDaily=false?txs=false


New York Highlanders;pageNumber=1;period=1;scoringPeriod=1;seasonOrProjection=PROJECTION_0_135_SEASON;timeframeTypeCode=YEAR_TO_DATE;scoringCategoryType=6;statsType=1;view=STATS;teamId=iquxbdqxk2rw6xef;adminMode=false;startDate=2020-03-26;endDate=2020-09-27;lineupChangeSystem=EASY_CLICK;daily=false;origDaily=false;reload=0?txs=false


Sorry for the long read but we are looking for owners that are truly committed to the concept of the league. If you would like to join please email me at 


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