ROTO League on cbssports $115 pay top 4 - need 1 owner

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Fantasy Baseball players! My league has 1 opening that we are looking to fill with some knowledge baseball minds.

The league is a roto mixed league. 5X5 categories. 

TBs, RBIs, SBs, OBP, Runs & HD/Svs, Ks per 9, ERA, WHIP, QS/W


Buy-in $115 on cbssports

We pay out top 4 teams of 10


Auction Draft after keeping up to 10 players on rosters going into draft. 23 Starters. Salary cap $270 for the auction.

Players kept will have salary increase by increments of 2,4,6,8,10 etc.

8 player Reserve Draft after auction, slotted dollar value assigned. (Bench Draft)

Minor League draft if open spots on roster available is 6 rounds but this year but you will be able to trade for up to 15 and keep those.

Here is a preview of rosters available.

Team A

(Has 6th pick in each minor league draft rds)

(Has 2nd pick in the reserve draft but this is a serpentine) 

Rendon $22 / F.Mejia $6 / Voit $10 / C.Seager $13/DeJong $5/ Austin Riley $3/ Gary Sanchez $22, Rizzo $28 / Mike Trout $62 / T.Bauer $8 / Josh Hader $7 / Osuna $7 / Tanaka $7 / Bumgarner $13

Minors on roster: Brendan Rodger, Austin Hays, Taylor Trammell

Anyone interested and would want full rosters or rules please let me know. We plan to start minor league draft piece in February. Auction online on 1 pm Sunday, March 22nd.

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