Unique 18 Team Dynasty League in its 13th Year Seeking 1 LM

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Fantrax league - previously ESPN for the first 12 years however moving over due to how badly ESPN sucked this year...

18 Team Dynasty League (essentially a dynasty, keep 24 of 40).  H2H Points

40 man rosters

Keep 24

Draft includes those not kept as well as first year players (Vaugh, Rutschman, etc.)

League is unique in that pitching scores negative points (for the most part).  The goal is to get to 54 IP while giving up the least amount of points (similar to real baseball).  It's a unique concept and takes a couple weeks to get used to however a majority of the people in the league have been in it for almost the full duration. 

Available team is not very good however does have the 2nd overall pick.  Non-playoff teams (7) will get the first 14 picks in the draft with this being our first year on Fantrax.  Looking to increase the parity a bit.  So this team will have picks #2 and #9 overall.  Team probably will not compete this year however in 2021 could be setup nice to make a playoff run.  Attached is the roster as a CSV file. 


Send me a note if you're interested or have further questions.  I take bringing on new owners seriously to find the right fit; I'm happy to answer any questions but don't want to have to replace this (or any) team for awhile. 





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Im definitely interested, would love to tackle a roster overhaul. I think thats the most fun/challenging part to fantasy. Also how much?

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