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Antonio Brown 2020 Outlook

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You know what guys, ignore Schefter—what the fook does that guy know? We need to be listening to a guy with real credibility: Tomei7. 

Godwin broke his own finger to save face before his imminent job loss.  Understandable.

Who cares zigzag. Tonight we are smoking fattys

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1 hour ago, iretirefromfantasy said:

Is there any positive news with this guy? In a few leagues he’s being picked up...

If you go to 7-11 (or other friendly neighborhood stores near you) for your lotto ticket every week this is your guy. This will actually "get real" by Week 9 or so.

Positive news delivered.

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9 hours ago, Heizz said:

Generally, no news is good news.


But in Antonio’s case, I assume no news is bad news in regards to him coming back week 9? With Bye weeks among us, I feel my roster spot can hold no more.


Agree on the no news being good news, especially for him.  I would expect a team to kick the tires in the next 2-3 weeks but if not, it may take a big name going down on a contender before a team will realistically give him a look.  I'm still holding but that's largely in part to not having better options on my wire but luckily the majority of my byes are weeks 8 or later so hopefully some news surfaces before then. 

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16 hours ago, Fantasy Gooroo said:

Imagine if he had just played with the Raiders and collected his check. I imagine they would be playoff contenders and his legacy would be a whole lot different. 

But Gooroo, he didn't like his helmet. Who could possibly play a game for tens of millions of dollars under those conditions? Nothing is his fault and everyone else is accountable. Its quite simple.

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I think that the fact that nobody has even brought him in for a workout is very telling.

Also he has a looming civil case still which complicates issues because the suspension could even be longer.  His lawyer just quit on him which could suggest again as we know the guy is mental or it's just not a winnable case.

And then not to mention he's still at the mercy of Goodell.  Look at how they're handling Josh Gordon, how come we haven't heard anything about his situation yet?

I doubt we see AB this year.

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26 minutes ago, Tomei7 said:

Will this weirdo get picked up soon? He’s eligible to play in 2 weeks and Deion Sanders been promoting him heavy.

Everything points to him being a team "cancer." He might become eligible soon, but it's hard to see a good organization/playoff team, bringing in AB.  A ton of baggage, that most don't want to deal with, I'd be surprised.

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From what I gather he was suppose to have some papers ready for his case on Oct 1st. He don’t show so they gave him until Oct 15th. Another non compliance with his case. So he just screwed up twice. I think at this point he’s done. Didn’t seem to want to give an effort to satisfy his obligations in order to even be considered for reinstatement. 

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I honestly think he plays this year. Whether he gets cut again is another story, but he is staying in football shape, keeping up his training, and is adamant he wants to play this year (based on that radio interview a week or so back).

There is going to be a team desperate enough for a WR1 rental that will sign him (I'm betting Ravens). His cousin is there, he has worked out with Lamar in the offseason, and the Ravens have looked vulnerable this year from their poor showing against KC to a ravaged Philly team taking them down to the wire. Snead and Boykin have looked terrible. PIT is also looking strong this year, which will only drive the Ravens' motivation to improve their roster.

I say this strictly from a football perspective though, I have no idea how his court case is progressing or if it will hold him out of play.

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