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Dynasty Vlad Jr

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I’m in a salary cap dynasty league and I’ve decided to see what I can get for Vlad Jr.


This is a 15 team MLB 6x6 league with a $300 cap (for draft) and a $450 cap in-season.  We can keep players a maximum of 6 seasons and their price goes up $2 per year.


i have some decent young chips to build my team around - 

Gavin Lux - $2

Fernando Tatis - $3

Bo Bichette - $2

Yordan Alvarez - $2

Luke Voit - $3

Carson Kelly - $6


I’ve received the following deals for Vlad 


A -  Trade Vlad for 


I get - Yelich - 2nd year - $43

Luis Urias - 3rd year - $6

D Lamet - 2nd - $7

C Martinez - 2nd $7

Alex Bohm - minors - $1

Tyler Freeman - minors - $1


B - Trade Vlad for 


Nolan Arenado - 2nd year - $48

Mitch Garver - 2nd year $4

Marcus Semien - 2nd year $5

James Paxton - 5th year $16


Currently my team is - 


C - C Kelly 

C - empty

1b - L Voit

2b - G Lux

Ss - Tatis

3b - Vlad 

CI - Christian Walker

MI. Bo Bichette

LF - Ian Happ 

CF - Jesse Winker

RF - Nick Senzel

OF - empty

Util - Yordon Alvarez

Util - JD Davis


On the pitching side, I have C Paddock cheap and have Forest Whitley at $1


Which deal is better for me long-term?  

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Keep Vlad move some mts for the likes of Arenado, Yelich, Luis Urias, Semien, Garver 

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I'm curious how much Vlad costs. If he's dirt cheap like the rest of your young talent maybe save your money and fill in your holes at auction? Regardless of what deal you make you'll have more money committed with holes still in the OF and pitching.

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Yeah I was wondering Vlads cost as well.  You don’t really seem to be in contention right now but have amazing young pieces that will be getting much better over the next year or two.  I think I’d hold Vlad if he’s cheap and work on building up your staff and OF to make a big run next year.  With the talent you have you could be sitting pretty for a few years easy.

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