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So as many have, I've used IR for Curry.

But now on top of Wendell, JoshRich is out for a while.

Should I move on from anyone?

(Currently one of the top teams in the league)

12 Team H2H 9-cat

Rest of Roster

(Dame, JimmyB, Kemba, SGA, FVV, MylesTurner, MitchRob, Covington, Huerter)

Notable WW Options

(BogBog, Kleber, GRob3, Ish, Mcrae)

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Hmmm ... the WW is tempting.  Kleber obv comes to mind as an auto-grab.

I personally would be fed up with holding 3 injured players for multiple weeks with 1 IL, even if I were one of the best teams.  That's also because I'd be holding someone like Mitch Rob, who can drop goose eggs like no tomorrow.  RoCo and Kemba can also sometimes be boom/bust.

However, I really like your team.  If you wanna hold, I think you'd be fine just treading water and taking the hits with your injured players.

If not, I'd dangle one of your injured players and package them for a marginal upgrade, rather than dumping outright.  I guess this is easier said than done, since IMHO WCJ and JRich don't even have much value when healthy, but it doesn't hurt to try.

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