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Lamar Jackson 2020 Outlook

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32 minutes ago, WaKe21334 said:

It’s not that simple. Teams are taking away the running game of the ravens and begging jackson to throw. And he can’t get it done. 


But they're not though. The Ravens are still in the top 3 in rushing. They don't have problems running the ball. At least they didn't before they started having injury woes on the offensive line. They run and pass at the same ratio as a year ago. 


The only major issue with Baltimore's run game is that they're TERRIBLE running the ball on 1st down. And the reason why is because they almost always do. It's predictable. I was hoping they'd do more play action on 1st like they did against the Colts. But they haven't. Well I wasn't hoping that TODAY...I'm a Titans fan. 

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The team keeps trading for defensive players but signs the corpse of Dez Bryant to help LJax

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[...] theres something to be said about safe floor and consistency which still makes him a low QB1 on a strong team. 

If I had to blame his poor throwing vs his lack of weapons, I would say the latter is far more to blame.

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14 hours ago, Deke said:

figured what out? He could still run all over teams if he wanted. He’s just not for some reason 

Yeah and land on IR. That's the end result of guys who run. See Dak. he ran, he got destroyed. QBs have to be able to pass the football. This guy can't.


13 hours ago, pjbyrne707 said:

Dude will be out of the league in 2-3 years. Nothing but a gimmick 

;) And B-More hitched their ride to this clown.

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29 minutes ago, FavreCo said:

Yeah and land on IR. That's the end result of guys who run. See Dak. he ran, he got destroyed. QBs have to be able to pass the football. This guy can't.


It’s well documented Lamar can throw. Such a tired argument 

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4 minutes ago, TroutFister said:

well technically everyone here who is typing on a keyboard can also "throw"...the question can lamar throw WELL...and the answer is a resounding NO. 

false, but you’re entitled to your incorrect opinion 

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There are 2 possible outcomes for us L Jax owners. 


The downward spiral and offensive issues continue and he flirts with 15-20 ppg as a mediocre starting fantasy QB. 


These losses light a fire under the team and they finish strong against the Jags, Browns, Giants, and Bengals in the fantasy playoffs.

I am personally rooting for the Ravens to lose against Steelers so its desperation time at 6-5. 

My two cents.


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1 hour ago, Moveless said:

I want to believe It's his OC. Maybe it's his WRs. Maybe its him. Either way at this point there is nothing to do but admit he was a bust of a pick. He's a startable QB but hindered anyone who drafted him this season surely. 

It's probably a little bit of everything. Teams are playing the ravens differently. I read somewhere that they're more often going with more DBs and nickel packages to stop the pass and make it harder for LJ to run. The Ravens can't make defenses pay for this on early downs the way they did last season because due to injuries to the offensive line and run blocking TEs the run blocking just isn't what it was last season and the run game efficiency is severely down. Roman also just hasn't changed any of the offense up or accounted for the fact that the league would adapt to his schemes or that he's now playing with different personnel. He's basically doing the exact same thing he did last season and at this point defenses have a full season of tape on it. This apparently is par for the course for him. LJ has seemed hesitant and indecisive about when to run and his accuracy hasn't been great at times. His receivers also seem to drop a lot of balls. 

I don't think it's any single party's fault. It's a bunch of small things that add up to a major disruption of the offense. 

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On 11/22/2020 at 9:33 PM, DJSatane said:

if he does not run 15 times a game now, he is not qb1, not even close.

Sadly this is true. I wouldn't have believed it a month ago but he's realistically just not a QB1 right now. 

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lamar is a massive bust and i obviously dislike him very much, but he's literally top 12 in almost all fantasy league formats...so that makes him a high floor bottom of the well qb1. but you drafted this guy to be head and shoulders above the 2nd tier of qbs after mahomes...what a regression.

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3 hours ago, Gohawks said:

Don’t waste a top 5 pick on a QB.

That simple. 


17 minutes ago, this guy right here said:


This is such a tired take. 

If you went Cook, Kelce, Mahomes your winning your league with a QB top 3.



You could've went Mahomes first...Kelce, Allen, DK, Hunt and RB1son in the 18th....again. Crushing.


You need to to get your picks right no matter what position is taken in any round.

You "should have" gone Mixon, Drake, Golladay, Taylor, Cooper, Akers.......and your late QB Ryan, Wentz, Burrow, Minshew.....Losing.

The few people who got lucky and hit their LITTLE later QB....Wilson, Murray still could suck if they have busts 1-5,6,7......

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