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Dynasty Leagues - Two Open Teams - Serious Owners

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Our fantasy basketball season is currently in the home stretch with just three weeks left in the regular season.  I have an owner that will be departing at the end of this season and will be leaving two excellent teams in need of new ownership. 
We started our first league in 2007 and currently have three leagues.  These are serious DYNASTY leagues. All players are carried over year to year, and the only drafts are rookie drafts.  The annual fee is $175 and we pay back $2,325 in annual prizes!
H2H Points: Each player’s weekly score is the average of their Points + Assists + Rebounds + Blocks + Steals for the week. Each team’s weekly score is the sum of the weekly averages of all 8 starters (PG, SG, SF, PF, C, backup guard, backup forward, and backup big man). This allows the player values to correlate very strongly to the actual value of an NBA player. Each week, you will play in four H2H matchups, with a total of 80 games throughout the season.
While $175 per season is a significant investment, we are active all year long, so you are paying less than $3.50 per week!  The annual fee also ensures that we have serious players who are interested in making a long-term, personal investment in their team.
Currently 62-6 and in 1 st Place
LeBron James 45.33
Anthony Davis 43.09
Nikola Vucevic 35.32
DeMar DeRozan 35.13
Donovan Mitchell 34.23
Clint Capela 31.62
Lou Williams 29.38
Derrick Rose 27.51
Goran Dragic 24.86
Damion Lee 20.38
Mo Wagner 19.62
Naz Reid 11.68
Terrence Davis 13.93
Isaac Bonga 10.23
Daniel Gafford 9.00
This is a fantastic team, as their 62-6 record indicates.  This team has won 9 of the 17 Team of the Week prizes so far this season.  And, they had the second-highest score twice, meaning that they have won weekly $$$ in 65% of the weeks!  While L. James is getting up there, this team still has a great core with A. Davis, N. Vucevic, D. DeRozan, D. Mitchell and C. Capela. 
Currently 38-30 and in 7 th Place
Stephen Curry 33.50
Julius Randle 33.30
Andrew Wiggins 32.93
Kris Middleton 32.00
Devonte’ Graham 30.70
Montrezl Harrell 29.44
Gordon Hayward 29.27
Jonas Valanciunas 28.94
Derrick Rose 27.51
Collin Sexton 26.80
Goran Dragic 24.86
Caris LeVert 23.54
Josh Richardson 22.56
Jae Crowder 20.77
Marc Gasol 19.56
Naz Reid 11.67
st Round Draft Pick (currently #11)
This team finished in third place last season, but missing they were missing K. Thompson and S. Curry for the season, and missed K. Irving for a significant period of time.  Thompson and Irving have been traded and this team has solidified their position in the playoffs.  With  Steph back next season, plus a deep roster and a 1 st Round Pick, this team could be a top 5 team next season.  
If you have an interest and would like to know more about the rules and the leagues, please email me at

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I had two new owners locked up but with the recent economic situation, they both had to drop out.  So, I am back to having two teams to fill.  If you are interested, please email me at



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