3 Sport Dynasty Start Up

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I had been running several dynasty leagues but we couldn't get enough people to replace in several of them so we decided to restart them as 1 league. It is going to be a 3 sport  dynasty league(Baseball, Football, Hockey) that will allow trading across leagues (ex. LeBron for Trout) and will declare a winner each year based off your standing across the leagues (think of each sport as 1 category for roto). One of the things we did in the previous leagues and will do for this is that each owner picks a "Hometown" that they use for each of the sports and then they have to have a certain amount of players from that team in each sport. If you don't meet the minimum hometown requirements you can lose picks or have games fore fitted as penalties. If you want more details or are interested in joining let me know. Currently we have 11 teams and would like to get either 14 or 16 teams. 

The cities that have been taken are 

Washington DC






Los Angeles


Kansas City

New York


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I would be interested. What site? ESPN. Yahoo etc? Email me at and we can discuss

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It is baseball, basketball, and football. Sorry for the typo earlier. We had been doing several leagues but had problems replacing several inactive owners. The people who are in this league are the ones that were active from the other leagues we had done. 

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