When was the last time you played in a truly competitive league?

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We haven't had a League Champion win in back-to-back seasons in 20 years.


We need 2 replacement owners in our intense, deep, Auction, Mixed, H2H League.


2020 will be our 35th consecutive season. Our past winners include a precocious 14 year old (currently a golf pro); a fellow who started as a sideline a sports card manufacturing company with $12,000 and worked at it parts of 2 days a week for less than 5 years and then sold it for $5+ million; a rock band's lead guitarist; a former first round pick by the Knicks whose boyhood dream was to be the next Willie Mays even though he was left-handed and 6'10"; a 300 pound lineman who has always thought of himself as Satchel Paige; a former essential U.S. leader in the Green Zone in Baghdad, a homeless pauper, a chain smoking tort attorney, and several garden variety baseball obsessed fans who look and act like you and me.  


A host of other characters never won a pennant. Jose Canseco's agent didn't win. Neither did the southpaw who dated Sandy Koufax's girl friend's daughter while he was in Spring Training with the Dodgers. The former NCAA career Ks leader came up short. Neither did the third hardest NCAA hitter to strike out while a senior. A 400 pound used baseball card shop owner wasn’t stout enough. We’ve had an umpire from the Little League World Series, Mr. Moms, Longhorns, Gamecocks, Badgers, millionaires, a radio play by play announcer for two different MLB clubs, a missionary, a climate scientist, an ex-catcher whose baseball idol is Ricky Henderson (go figure)... I could go on and on. What we have always had in common is a love of baseball and that none of us is a rocket scientist. Anybody and everybody can compete and have fun.


Join us.


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