Travis Kelce 2020 Outlook

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20 hours ago, Gohawks said:

Yeah I’m sorry but that seems pretty dumb to me. I don’t get why one position would geI olt more points for doing the same thing just because that position isn’t as good.

Where some of the big boys play.

The best players can play anywhere and adapt and find edges in any scoring system. I was invited into a 2 QB league, initially I thought it was dumb but put in the work and I found for me and the group that I play with in this instance it gives me more of an edge. I joined a league on cbs with crazy team defense scoring yards allowed even gets pts, I really thought it was stupid but because I love fantasy joined and got a edge here by either rostering 2 defenses looking ahead (1 is fine if said has 2 straight good matchups) as in this certain league a top scoring defense could give a 20+ pt head start if faces a bottom defense on that week. Many others in the league just set and forget or battle hard with FAAB for defenses every week where I found a edge. I still think it's dumb but you adapt or move on, I adapt but I understand if some stick to their specialties or what they know.

IMO a 8 or 10 team league anyone can luck into winning, obviously the more prepared, more active have a better chance but still anything can happen. When you get to leagues with more teams, and then more starters, more roster spots, different settings etc... it is much much harder to luck into anything.

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