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updated 4/17/09

I'm going to post links here to discussions for each prospect, so they're easy to get to. Make sure to check here before starting a new topic on a player that is already being discussed.

Work in progress!


Alderson, Tim (RHP, SF)

Anderson, Lars (1B, BOS)

Antonelli, Matt (2B, SD)

Arencibia, J.P. (C, TOR)

Arrieta, Jake (RHP, BAL)

Bailey, Homer (RHP, CIN)

Brantley, Michael (OF, MIL)

Brignac, Reid (SS, TAM)

Brown, Corey (OF, OAK)

Bumgarner, Madison (LHP, SF)

Carrasco, Carlos (RHP, PHI)

Chacin, Jhoulys (RHP, COL)

Conger, Hank (C, LAA)

Cunningham, Aaron (OF, OAK)

Davis, Wade (RHP, TAM)

de Jesus Jr., Ivan (SS, LAD)

Detwiler, Ross (LHP, WAS)

Diaz, Victor (OF, SEA)

Doolittle, Sean (1B, OAK)

Escobar, Alcides (SS, MIL)

Erbe, Brandon (RHP, BAL)

Feliz, Neftali (RHP, TEX)

Gamel, Matt (3B, MIL)

Garcia, Jaime (LHP, STL)

Gonzalez, Gio (LHP, OAK)

Halman, Gregory (OF, SEA)

Happ, J.A. (LHP, PHI)

Hellickson, Jeremy (RHP, TAM)

Hodges, Wes (3B, CLE)

Horne, Alan (RHP, NYY)

Huff, David (LHP, CLE)

Hughes, Luke (3B, MIN)

Humber, Philip (RHP, MIN)

Inoa, Michael (RHP, OAK)

Jackson, Austin (OF, NYY)

Jeffress, Jeremy (RHP, MIL)

Jennings, Desmond (OF, TAM)

Kaaihue, Kila (1B, KAN)

Kunz, Eddie (RHP, NYM)

Lambert, Chris (RHP, DET)

LaPorta, Matt (OF, CLE)

Martin, Ethan (RHP, LAD)

Martinez, Fernando (OF, NYM)

Martis, Shairon (RHP, WAS)

McCutchen, Andrew (OF, PIT)

McPherson, Dallas (3B, FLA)

Monero, Jesus (C, NYY)

Montanez, Luis (OF, BAL)

Meyer, Alex (RHP, BOS - unsigned)

Moustakas, Mike (SS, KAN)

Niese, Jon (LHP, NYM)

Price, David (LHP, TAM)

Rodriguez, Rafael (LHP, PIT)

Samardzija, Jeff (RHP, CHC)

Scherzer, Max (RHP, ARI)

Strasburg, Stephen (RHP, college)

Triunfel, Carlos (SS, SEA)

Wieters, Matt (C, BAL)

Plenty more to come...

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AL West

Los Angeles Angels

Conger, Hank (C )

Oakland A's

Brown, Corey (OF)

Cunningham, Aaron (OF)

Doolittle, Sean (1B)

Gonzalez, Gio (LHP)

Inoa, Michael (RHP)

Seattle Mariners

Diaz, Victor (OF)

Halman, Gregory (OF)

Triunfel, Carlos (SS)

Texas Rangers

Feliz, Neftali (RHP)

AL Central

Chicago White Sox

Cleveland Indians

Hodges, Wes (3B)

Huff, David (LHP)

LaPorta, Matt (OF)

Detroit Tigers

Lambert, Chris (RHP)

Kansas City Royals

Kaaihue, Kila (1B)

Moustakas, Mike (SS)

Minnesota Twins

Hughes, Luke (3B)

Humber, Philip (RHP)

AL East

Baltimore Orioles

Arrieta, Jake (RHP)

Erbe, Brandon (RHP)

Montanez, Luis (OF)

Wieters, Matt (C )

Boston Red Sox

Anderson, Lars (1B)

Meyer, Alex (RHP - unsigned)

New York Yankees

Horne, Alan (RHP)

Jackson, Austin (OF)

Montero, Jesus (C )

Tampa Bay Rays

Brignac, Reid (SS)

Davis, Wade (RHP)

Hellickson, Jeremy (RHP)

Jennings, Desmond (OF)

Price, David (LHP)

Toronto Blue Jays

Arencibia, J.P. (C )

NL West

Arizona Diamondbacks

Scherzer, Max (RHP)

Colorado Rockies

Chacin, Jhoulys (RHP)

Los Angeles Dodgers

de Jesus Jr., Ivan (SS)

Martin, Ethan (RHP)

San Diego Padres

Antonelli, Matt (2B)

San Francisco Giants

Alderson, Tim (RHP)

Bumgarner, Madison (LHP)

McPherson, Dallas (3B)

NL Central

Chicago Cubs

Samardzija, Jeff (RHP)

Cincinnati Reds

Bailey, Homer (RHP)

Houston Astros

Milwaukee Brewers

Brantley, Michael (OF)

Escobar, Alcides (SS)

Gamel, Matt (3B)

Jeffress, Jeremy (RHP)

Pittsburgh Pirates

Rodriguez, Rafael (LHP)

St. Louis Cardinals

Garcia, Jaime (LHP)

NL East

Atlanta Braves

Florida Marlins

New York Mets

Kunz, Eddie (RHP)

Martinez, Fernando (OF)

Niese, Jon (LHP)

Philadelphia Phillies

Carrasco, Carlos (RHP)

Happ, J.A. (LHP)

Washington Nationals

Detwiler, Ross (LHP)

Martis, Shairon (RHP)

High School/College/International

Strasburg, Stephen (RHP, college)

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