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Riley up if you have Yahoo CI eligibility.Hays up if 4+ OF.Not sure Chavis evolves past Moreland type #'s with more pos.flex and Casas looming later.Hope you can get Hilliard back in draft.Both L.and J. Urias look good for 2020(pending).

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I have an N/A spot....my thought is grab Riley and if he wins the 3B job in ATL he’s going to gain 3B eligibility quickly, if he doesnt win the job be will likely be in the minors and will get the N/A tag for me to keep him and free up a roster spot.


Just want to make sure thats a good move versus potentially losing out on L. Urias or Hilliard

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Yet Chavis is much safer than any of the others and the clear winner to me. Every other player has major playing time questions or is on a terrible team, while Chavis is going to get steady at bats and play multiple positions for a Red Sox team going nowhere, and will wind up far ahead of at least 3 of these guys in overall contributions in 2020. If I had to pick which one to go with besides him, I'd say Hays could carve out Kevin Pillar like numbers for the Orioles if given a full season to roam the OF. 

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