New York City Fantasy Baseball League will hold an auction once this Corona virus has passed/$1000

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Hello Gentlemen,


Once this pandemic passes and we're able to congregate again, I'm not sure how many of my guys will return for fantasy baseball this season, if we have a season.


So with that in mind, if any of you have interest, I'm putting together a waiting list for potential GM's to join my league


It's a live auction so you must show up in person.


Standard 5x5 auction redraft league


We aim for 18 teams every year, never 19. 




We use cbs


We rent out a private room in a restaurant, typical bar food, plenty of space, free wifi, we have an auctioneer, bring a partner


It's something we look forward to year after year.


The league has been around for over a decade


We have at least 2 months before we have any regular season games, if not more.


Even if you're mildly curious, feel free to text/call me at 718 687 3251


or email me at edbuzz261@gmail.com


Most of us are in our 40's, 50's and 60's, middle aged family men/business men from the surrounding suburbs of NYC


Since I'm self quarantining I'm more than happy to chat about my leagues with anyone interested or just curious.


I do run one online league also but I'd prefer you join my live auction this year and then maybe you can recruit a friend who doesn't live in the NY tri-state area to join my online league the following season.


Stay safe Gentlemen,





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Trump says our country will be open for business by Easter. 


God I hope so.



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I can't wait until we get back to normalcy.


I was supposed to have my online auction tonight at 7pm


It's obviously been postponed


This sucks.


Scary times we are living in


Stay safe everyone

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Bored while self quarantining 


Hoping the very smart scientist in our country find a cure for this virus asap.



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I hear you.


Still gotta pray and hope for the best.


One thing I can tell you and everyone else is remember this when it's all over


F China/Buy American or anywhere but Made in China

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I watched FoxNews today, as I do every day, and I'm self quarantining to the point where I won't let anyone in my place. 


It's beyond scary with what's going on


Once a vaccine is discovered I really believe the economy will roar past 30,000 in the dow jones. 


We will bounce back better than ever and we will no longer be self reliant on other countries for our pharmaceuticals and personal protective equipment.


A reckoning is coming to China. 



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Man this $hit is getting really scary.


Please remember to wash your hands often


Do not touch your face


Never, Ever forget that our dependence on China really f#cked us


And if no other lesson comes out of this please never again purchase anything MADE IN CHINA




Our corporate greed is what really screwed our country


We the people, have to protect ourselves going forward and we need heavy tariffs on Chinese Manufactured products so that it's an easy choice to buy American


God bless all of us. 


Stay safe, stay home, save lives

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I hope of you are taking the necessary precautions to stay safe


I just signed up for the triple bundle today of Disney plus, ESPN plus and hulu


I pretty much blew through Netflix and cable options


Let's remember this when it's over with


Save money, stop buying MADE IN CHINA, wash your hands often


And appreciate the life we'll have again when it returns



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I really hope when this is all said and done that punishment is meted out to the shady brokers who have profited by selling personal protective equipment to anyone outside of our country or price gouging. Same with 3M and other companies like GM (General Motors) who forced President Trump to sign the Defense Product Act. 


What the hell is the matter with these companies?


I have to tell you that these greedy people would no longer exist on this planet if I ruled the world.


I watched Wind River last night, it came out in 2017 with Jeremy Renner, man that was a good movie. I was able to rent it on demand with Verizon for $2.99 and it was well worth it.


You guys hang in there. We'll get through this. 


Man I wish I was shacked up with one of my high school girlfriends during this self quarantine. LOL

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I've been watching a ton of television lately


I watched "The Last Stand" with Arnold Schwarzenegger on Hulu the other night, really good flick. 


Same with Blood Father on Netflix. Mel Gibson was awesome in that flick


The Kitchen with Melissa McCarthy was a good flick too.


And if you haven't seen "Tiger King" yet on Netflix you're missing out. White trash at it's best.


Now my new binge worthy show is "Master Cars" on Netflix. Constance is smoking hot. 


Enjoy fella's. 



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I'm down with ed buzz.   F China.   Tired of s---y stuff made by a 9 year old.  I'll pay the extra in the future.  Time for Americans to start looking out for each other.   We can fight over politics race relations etc but at end of the day China doesnt care if your white black etc.   They kill all our families and not give 2 *****

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You know this country has taken notice when Your Dad 420 is pissed off. 


420 is for weed right? LOL


So that's really something if the potheads are pissed off imagine the rage of every one else.




You hang in there Yourdad420.


We'll get through this together and when it's over, our country will lick it's wounds and never be in this position again.. 


In the mean time, I hope everyone stays safe. 


F China. 

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I think from top to bottom this country will never forget how vulnerable we allowed ourselves to be for financial gain.


I truly hope that the big shots that run these huge manufacturing companies choose patriotism and protectionism over profits, build factories back home in the USA so that we are never put in a position to beg our abusers to help us again. 


We built their military with our money for inexpensive, low quality crap.


Never again will I spend my money on anything MADE IN CHINA 



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@edbuzz & @MoneyballRays lets keep to the topic of the baseball league & stop the talk of killing, racism, etc, or we will have to lock this topic. Take it to private messaging, if you want to keep up this banter. 

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