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Free H2H Cats, 12 team keeper, ESPN live auction draft looking for a few more!

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We are looking for active and competitive owners. Let your actions speak for themselves!

We have not drafted yet. Draft date and time is set in stone for June 6th (Saturday) @ 8 pm Eastern. We have decided to redraft this year due to the extenuating circumstances.


There will be UP TO 4 keepers moving forward. keeper rules are as stated:

You can keep up to 4 but are not required to keep any. If you choose to keep 4, it will have to be a mix of 3-1 (or 2-2) of either 3 bats & 1 arm or 3 arms & 1 bat.

There is a keeper year limit. You will only get to keep any given player up to 2 years. After that, that said player goes back into the drafting pool. This is so we can keep things fresh.

Because this is an auction league, whatever price you paid for a player, that is the price he will be kept at (unless picked up off waivers then his value is set to $1). That price will be deducted from your “draft wallet” for the start of the new auction draft.

The league settings:


If you have any questions, please feel free to email Jerry @ Or just leave your email so he can contact you. 

Also, this league has a slack chat set up for league communication. It is mandatory.

Thanks for your interest and hopefully we can have you aboard! 

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take it to the top. Sent out to two interested that left email, but they have yet to join slack (league communication), or league. Get it while its hott!

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