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16 Team Dynasty Baseball league on Fantrax, free only cost $5.99 Fantrax premium fee per team

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Teams will have control of their MLB team, and all affiliated (signed) minor league players, until players are voluntarily traded away by the Manager, or traded or DFA’d by the franchise (and not protected on 40-man ML or 20-man MiL roster).
Unlimited transactions allowed by all teams.

The first year there will be a 10 round draft of Major or Minor league players from the 14 teams not chosen to be in the league..
No free agents are available to be drafted.

Strict adherence to 40 MLB and 20 MiLB rosters, even if/when additional managers brought in following a managerial change. MLB Roster to consist of: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, INF, LF, CF, RF, Util, SPx3, RPx3, Px4, Benchx5, and IR x5.
Scoring is a 6 x 6 weekly head-to-head format, where best case is a 12-0-0 on the week. Stats: R, HR, RBI, SB, OPS, OBP, W, HLD, SV, K, WHIP, ERA.
There will be 8 A.L teams and 8 N.L. teams..
Scoring will be based on H2H comparison, where the team that collected the best overall score, such as most HR, , and lowest ERA, will earn a win for that category. The best a player will score, a sweep, will be 12-0-0. The worst will be 0-12-0. In the event of a tie each team earns a tie. All ties would be a record of 0-0-12. in order of rank they would go.
 Each March there will be a 4 round draft in reverse order of standings from the non rostered players from the 14 franchises not in the league, Major or Minor league players.There must be room on your roster to place anyone you draft.
When prospects reach 50 innings or 130 at bats they must be activated or released.
League Commissioner will be responsible for all decisions, no matter how controversial.
. Playoffs will consist of 4 A.L. and 4 N.L. teams with the winners in each league playing for the World Series.
 Any player on the free agent list affiliated to your franchise is your property and can be moved on and off your active roster and still be your property. If any player on your active roster gets traded he is still your property unless you release him. He then becomes the property of the ML team he is on.
After the draft you can not pick up any player from the 14 unchosen teams.
In June there will be a two round draft where you can draft free agent major or minor league players from the 14 teams not in the league. It will be a non snake draft in reverse order of the standings.

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I am waiting to set up the league link until I have 16 committed owners.  Send me your email address and the top 3 teams you would prefer to own

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