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10000% WHIR... Dynasty startup draft strategy.. Am I stupid?

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What's your thoughts on getting 3 complete backfields in dynasty? And not diversifying your backfields as much as normal.  

I'm in a start up league and based off the mocks I can go RB with my first to picks whoever falls to me, grab like a raheem mostert in the 5th or 6th.

After that I can grab all the handcuffs in a couple rounds after I get wr and te set.  In a couple rounds I just lock up  and consecutively the handcuffs for my first 2 picks. (Zeke/Pollard, yadda yadda etc etc).   And Coleman/McKinnon.

I'll have 3 complete backfields,  (targeting teams with long contracts if possible) and a definite WR1.  After that all the rest of my picks can be rookie or young wr who can blossom.  Just need 1 to fill out my wr2 position that I will now treat as my flex.

Here's what my typical team I'm envisioning will end up.  Can this hold up against top squads?  I mocked this in a full 12 person live room with half of my league mates.   Fair representation of what my team can look like


Qb Daniel Jones/Baker 

Rb zeke, pollard 

Rb keller , Kelly, jackson

Wr stefon diggs

Wr plethora of rookie/young wr

Flex monster, Coleman, mckinon

Te engram, Knox, Herndon

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5 hours ago, nll928 said:


Ekeler? I've seen a lot of interesting spellings for his name but this is a new one :D but then why don't you mention Akers in this list? He could make that entire backfield irrelevant.

Which is exactly the problem I have with this kind of strategy and blind handcuffing in general. It just rarely works. 

The other thing I don't believe in is that you can target specific players in a draft. That just doesn't happen, or if you do, you're going to overpay. Look for a profile, not a name.

I also don't really think the team you list is going to be very competitive. It's not a team I'd be scared of, AND I don't believe it's realistic. I'm also not sure what you mean by 

5 hours ago, nll928 said:

I mocked this in a full 12 person live room with half of my league mates

So then why does it say "Flex monster"? Is this a real mock or you just writing down some names?

In any case, if you haven't, try some online mock drafts to see if you think you can pull it off, then compare it with the other drafted teams, don't look at your team in isolation. Find the team that scares you and compare it with that.

And then do a couple drafts without these set rules, and see what you like better. In the end it's your draft and you need to be happy with it going into the season. But personally, I see risks with that strategy.

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I mean youd have to post your entire team, i cant tell if your WRs are weak or what your Flex is.


Generally Id go best available player instead of owning complete backfields. It seems kind of like people that like to pair WRs with QBs and think thats a good strategy. Just pick who you think will do better.

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This kind of strategy looks good on paper, but more often than not, all those handcuffs just use up roster spots and you never play them. You're better off taking best player available, rookies that have upside to hit, or guys to fill in on bye weeks. Also,keep in mind if you take 2-3 RB to lock up an entire backfield, they're all going be on a bye the same week so you could potentially leave yourself scrambling some weeks. 

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