looking for 1 good replacement manager

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we are a solid group of 29 good managers looking for 1 good replacement manager to join us so we are a solid 30 good managers again


30 team league. H2H 8 X 8 scoring. 154 game regular season schedule + playoffs. 28 man + a 50 man minors which will increase to a 75 man minors in 2021. Player salaries & contracts + a competitive league salary cap. A first year rookie & international player draft will be held each year with yearly competitive balance draft picks included for lower teams. Each year the league awards the winner $500 and the runner up $250. The league is FREE to join, all that is asked for in return is that you participate and give a honest competitive effort.


Available Franchise

Chicago White Sox


You would start with 3 players from the real life CWS MLB organization (1 hitter, 1 pitcher & 1 rookie status / minor) and then have the #10 spot in the startup serpentine draft which begins tomorrow (Saturday June 27th)


If interested and want to compete at a high level leave your email or send me a email: kennyfitzpatrick@usa.com

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Which platform ? And is the league full ? 


In case ya wanna reach me

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