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Doctor Who's On First

Fantrax > 5X Weekly Matchups > Enhanced Playoffs > 10T HTH 5X5 Cats > Five $60 Teams & 1 Free Team Remain...

Recommended Posts - $60 [5 teams available] - FREE [only 1 team opening left]

^See commissioner message for details of the 2020 season changes [5X weekly match-ups, enhanced playoffs, Covid19 amendments, etc], and the payout breakdown.

"This is good stuff! It looks like you converted it as close to a regular season as you could. Having provisions in place in case the season stops again is crucial too." | Richardo @ Razzball


This is a daily, redraft, non-Keeper, mixed league, and the online snake draft(s) are scheduled for 7/22 [$60] & 7/23 [FREE] @ 9:20PM EST



Early Bat Flip [Circa 1920's]


Note: the leagues are set for public access. Although, login into Fantrax is necessary. Otherwise, DM me and I'll send you an invite, then you can peruse & decide...

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