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Micro-Turbo 20 tm start up. $25 on CBS

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MICRO (small team)  TURBO (short, fast season)

Low risk, high reward!  Unique competition!  Top three teams get paid: $260  $145  $70 (based on 20 teams entered).

20 team draft competition needs 4 more!

If you're like me, you can't really get enough of fantasy baseball, online drafts, etc.  This competition is probably different from anything else you've got going.


$25 entry on CBS

CBS Online draft-  Tuesday July 23rd, 8 pm central.

Each team will draft 9 players:  1C, 1 Corner Infielder, 1 Middle Infielder,  2 Outfielders, 2 Starting Pitcher, 1 Relief Pitcher, 1 Utility- (any batter).

You live and die with the team you draft.  The players you draft will be your starting lineup- No trades, lineup changes, roster moves, injury substitutions, etc.

This is an "all-against-all" points league. 

Point system is pretty basic,

This competition will not interfere with your other leagues.  There's no maintenance to this league-  just draft and hope your team does well. I have 16 teams committed, need 4 more.  You can enter two teams if you'd like.  You just need to have a  different browser open for each team on draft day (Google, Firefox, Edge, etc).  

If you're interested please email me and I will send you a team invite.


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