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10 Team PPR Best Ball

QB - 2RB - 3WR - TE - K - D

I ended up autopicking for like 4 of my picks (Sanders, Carson, DJ Moore, J.Richard). Had connection issues which screwed me. I wanted D.Henry instead of sanders and Richard is a waste of a last rounder but oh well.

QB: Rodgers, Garoppolo, Lock

RB: Sanders, Carson, Mack, Vaughn, Dobbins, J.Richard

WR: AJ Brown, B.Cooks, D.Hopkins, DJ Moore, P. WIlliams, S.Watkins

TE: Waller, Doyle, D.Knox

K: 49ers, Seahawks

D : Bears, Vikings


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Good team but deal one of you're 3 QB's for a RB, next drop the following: Richard, either Doyle or Knox, one of you're kickers & defenses. Hit the wire for more RB's & WR's 

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It is a bestball he can not deal anyone. In bestball you draft your team and that is the end of it. 

Your team is decent but i hate depending on waller as a TE1 with ruggs and the corpse of witten around. You may laugh but gruden could be dumb enough to give witten a 30 percent snap count at TE and those are times when waller prob will not be on the field.

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