Openings - FREE - ESPN BASED! Messenger group chats

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A few open spots in different leagues.
ALL LEAGUES ARE FREE - ESPN BASED - Many are keepers, some dynasty leagues. 
Click each link and look at the league settings, before asking to join the league.
Not looking to invite someone in, just for them to bail when they look further into things. Just saves us all time!
League 1. YEARLY FREE!!
Don't Jeopardize - Dynasty - Keep 25
League 2.  Usually a money league.. FREE for the time being.
101 ways to win, only 1 will! - Keeper - Keep 10
League 3. YEARLY FREE!!
H2H Baseball: Give or Get? Yr 4! - Keeper league: 15 players per year!
League 4.  YEARLY FREE!!
Baseball tonight: Pros vs cons! - Keeper - Keep 7 players per year
League 5. YEARLY FREE!!
Shine Bright ON A Diamond - Dynasty - Keep 25 min. with up to 40 max!
League 6. Usually Money, for the near future FREE!
Champions Game: Yearly REDRAFT! - REDRAFT, every year!!!
(3) open spots
League 7. YEARLY FREE!!!
HOUSTON's an AL Dynasty! Yr. 6! - DYNASTY - Keep 20 per year.
League 8.
Email me if interested - 
Thank you for your time. 

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