$100 Longest Hit Streak Contest

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I am running a pool similar to Beat the Streak on MLB.com. The person who builds the longest hit streak during the regular season wins. The entry fee is $100 due Wednesday night. There are currently 14 people paid. 80% to longest streak and 20% to 2nd. Email rwalsh1422@gmail.com if interested.

Rules: Each entrant is assigned a unique cell in a shared google doc. You will pick 1 or 2 batters each day before the 1st game locks and enter the picks into your cell.  That means if you double down, both picks must be made before the 1st game locks. Google sheets has a feature that tracks when a cell was edited and who made the edit. If the cell was edited by you after your batter's game started, your streak will go back to 0. A 2nd violation will result in disqualification. You may also choose to not make a pick and your streak will stay the same.  There will be a leaderboard which is updated daily. There are no mulligans.

Covid rule: If the season ends early with somebody still having a mathematical chance of catching the leader...whoever was in the lead and had a chance to tie or win will split the pot.

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