Replacement owner needed in Free 10 team h2h cats ESPN Keeper League

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I had one guy drop today and need one person to take over for Team 8 in this league.


That is the link to the team, let me know if interested and I'll send you the invitation. 




This is the link to the league settings. Its 10 team, H2H each category 5x5. 15 keepers each year. 

The main rule is that for your 15 keepers, a maximum of 10 of them can be big leaguers and the rest of the 5 have to be prospects. You can have more than 5 prospects if you'd like, but for each extra one you have, that means you can keep one less player who is already in the majors (for example 9 MLB players and 6 prospects, or 8 and 7 and so on). This guys team auto drafted, so the 5 prospects still need to be added to his roster or traded for since everyone else already has the best of the best prospects. This means you'll need to drop 5 players as well unless there is room to add some with the IL spots being edited. 

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if you havent got anyone for it ill take it aaronbarnett2006@hotmail.com

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Hey still waiting to hear back from the first guy, if he doesn't respond by like 6:00 ET (an hour before first pitch) then I'll shoot you the invite. @Suns101

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