$40 Yahoo Guillotine Leagues

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Email rwalsh1422@gmail.com for any questions.

I run three guillotine leagues on yahoo. $40 entry through Leaguesafe, majority approval. There are spots open in each league.  

A guillotine league is where the lowest scoring team is eliminated each week and their roster is dropped for the remaining teams to blind bid on. Last team standing wins.

My leagues are set up a little differently. The 2 teams with the lowest point total each week play in a H2H Elimination game the following week.  The loser gets their roster dropped and is eliminated.   This continues until there are 4 teams left, and then it becomes a traditional guillotine league where the team with the lowest point total is eliminated each week until there is only 1 team left at the end of Week 16.  In addition, the winner of each league plays in a 3-way Championship in Week 17.  

Settings from 1 of the leagues:  https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/336769/settings

Draft times: Sunday, Sep 6th at 8pm ET, or Wednesday, Sep 9th, 8pm ET.

Payouts for each League ($40 * 16 teams): $420 to 1st, $145 to 2nd, $75 allocated to Week 17 Championship

Week 17 Winner: $225  ($75 * 3 Leagues)



The league size is set to 20 teams.  First 16 to pay in each league are in.  You are allowed 1 entry in each league (so max is 3 entries).  

COVID: If the season is cancelled during the season, the total pot will be split between the remaining teams.  If the season is cancelled before the season begins, everyone will receive a refund.


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