HDID? 12-team, 21-man rosters

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12-team...21-man rosters...keep 3-5 plus one rookie (rookie draft in June)...0.8 PPR for RBs, 1.0 PPR for WRs, 1.2 PPR for TEs...start QB, RB, WR, WR, TE, RW, RWT, Def, PK, 12-man bench. 

My keepers were: CEH (rookie), Drake, Bell, Kupp. 

My post-draft roster: 

QB: Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers

RB: CEH, Kenyan Drake, Le'Veon Bell, Raheem Mostert, Nyheim Hines, Justin Jackson, Malcolm Brown. 

WR: Cooper Kupp, OBJ, Tyler Lockett, Marvin Jones, Robby Anderson, Larry Fitzgerald, Bryan Edwards, Antonio Brown (rd 20...why not?)

TE: Mike Gesicki

Def: New England

PK: Will Lutz

QB: There were 8 QBs kept, so I felt good getting Brees. And Rivers was my rd21 pick, and it works out because he has some good matchups on Brees' bye week and during a couple of Brees' tougher road outdoor games. I normally don't like carrying two QBs, but we have 12-man benches. So why not? Lol. 

RB: I feel like I have a couple of RB1 in CEH and Drake, and a couple of RB2 in Bell and Mostert. And I feel like Hines could have a career year with check-down Rivers at QB...he might be a RB3 this year. As my 5th RB, I'm good with him. Jackson and Brown were just late round dart throws. 

WR: I feel like I have one WR1 and three WR2s. If Joe Brady can get Carolina's offense rolling in year one like he did LSU's (unlikely), Anderson could have a nice season and sneak into the WR2 realm. But I'm betting he's more likely a WR3. Fitz was just a dart throw in case he can stay healthy and either Nuk or Kirk cannot. AB...why not? With benches this deep, it's worth sitting him at the end of the bench and seeing what happens. 

TE: I love Gesicki this year to be a top 6 TE, and I think this is the season he breaks through and emerges. Even with 12 bench spots, I couldn't bring myself to draft another TE, but I'm the only team with one TE. There are five teams with three TEs. As long as Gesicki stays healthy, I'm good with him and a streamer for one week. 

Def: The top defenses had been taken. I have no illusions that they'll come anywhere near 2019, but I'll take them. If they suck, I'll stream. 

PK: Eh, kickers are kickers, but at least I got the kicker for my favorite team, who just happens to have a great offense. Lol. 

I like my team overall. I think it's deep, but I don't think it's championship worthy. I don't have the top-end star power to carry my to a title, but if it becomes a battle of attrition with COVID, I should be built to withstand it. All of the star power was kept, so I did the best I could. 

Your thoughts? Good, bad, and ugly. 

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QB- I'm not mad here. I personally like to get a potential breakout as my 2nd qb but Rivers has upside for sure.

RB- I may be in the minority as being not as high on CEH as most but I like the overall depth here. I see upside throughout. Malcolm Brown a meh pick but with that deep of league why not.

WR- Definitely a strength. I could see these guys filling most of your flex spots. OBJ at a discount is nice. I like Robby Anderson but he's one of those "This is his year" guys who never happens. But they will probably throw a lot so I see good ROI. Definitely intrigued by Edwards. Could be a steal there.

TE- Let's see what happens. Gailey will likely utilize him in the slot a considerable amount.

DEF- I am not excited about the Pats defense this year. They lost a lot of guys and surely will be playing with a much more negative script then they did last year. I suspect you will be streaming


Not bad man. Let us know how you come out.


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3 hours ago, Flyman75 said:

Your thoughts? Good, bad, and ugly. 

First of all, good analysis (as expected).

QBs: I'm not high on either Brees or Rivers. Brees is one of the all-time greats, but they're phasing him out; Rivers is... Rivers.

I like your starting RBs a lot, the bench not at all. But that's how it goes and you just need a bit of luck with the bench.

WRs are rock solid, with the exception of AB, bit on the other hand I like Bryan Edwards, that's exactly the kind of dart that might work out really well.

For the rest I like Gesicki (but I wouldn't mind a backup); NE D might be a very rocky start. Solid team all in all, should be a contender.

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