Need 1 Manager Yahoo Keeper League - $50 CAD ($38 USD)

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Looking for one manager to take over a keeper team. Longtime league turned keeper 3 years ago - fun with good people. Full league rules and the available team with keeper costs are below.

Both Canadian and US players are welcome. Fee is $50 CAD, or equivalent USD.

Draft is scheduled for Sept 1, 7pm ET.  Deadline to choose keepers is ASAP - hoping to have the league locked by Monday eve.




League Rules
2020 is year #3
1. Roster: QB, WRx3, RBx2, TE, Flex x1, Def, Bn x6, IR x1 
2. Draft order is reverse previous year ranking. (Previous year's winner is last in the first round, etc.) Snake draft. 
3. Trades process instantly once accepted by both teams. (No reviews.) Any indication of collusion will result in both teams being instantly locked, and both managers removed. 
4. FAAB waiver system, $1000 season budget for each team. 
5. Each player is on waivers from game time to Tuesday. After waivers clear, players not taken return to Free Agent status from Wednesday to game time. 
6. Up to 4 players can be kept each year from your team. (Can be less than 4.) 
7. Each player can be kept by a single team for a maximum of 4 years. 
8. Only players drafted in rounds 5 or later are available to keep. 
9. For each player kept, you lose the draft pick of the round that player was drafted in the previous season. 
10. Each year that a player is kept after year 1, the draft round cost to keep is raised by 2 rounds, up to round 5, but not beyond. For example, a keeper in year 1 may cost round 12 - if kept a second year the cost would be a round 10 pick, and so forth. This therefore means that a keeper with a 6th round cost can only be kept for 1 year (as next year he would be considered a 4th round pick, and only rounds 5 and later are "keepable"). 
11. A maximum of 3 waiver wire pickups are allowed to be kept. The 1st waiver keeper costs a 10th round pick. If a 2nd waiver pickup is kept, it costs an 8th round pick, a 3rd waiver keeper costs a 6th round pick. 
12. A player that is drafted, dropped, and later picked up by the SAME team is NOT considered a waiver pickup (and will cost the original drafted round's pick, and is still subject to the 4 year maximum rule). 
13. Players traded to a new team retain their draft round cost. Example: Player drafted in the 8th round by Team A, traded to Team B, kept by Team B owner -- Team B owner loses 8th round pick. 
14. If you keep 2 players with the same draft round cost, the 2nd player kept cost is raised by 1 round. For example, you keep your 10th round pick and also a waiver pickup, costing another 10th round pick - the cost is both your 10th and 9th round picks. A 3rd player's cost would be raised by an additional 1 round - in this example, round 8. 
15. Players are required to play the full season actively, regardless of record or ranking. (I.e., no "giving up"). If a player fails to do so, they will not be invited back the following year. 
16. League fees: $50 CAD. 12 teams in total. Fees must be sent by Thurs, Aug 27 in order to participate in the league.
17. Payout: 1st - $350, 2nd - $150, 3rd - $50, most regular season points (not including playoffs) - $50
18. Playoffs: Weeks 14, 15, 16
19. Keeper selection deadline: Aug 24, 2020
20. Trade deadline: Nov 14, 2020
21. Draft date: Sep 1, 2020, 7pm ET

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